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Academic Position:

Sept 2004-December 2010, Assistant Professor (Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, IRAN.)


December 2010-Jun 2015,Associate Professor (Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, IRAN.)

Professor Jun 2015-Now(Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, IRAN)

Academic Degree:

B. Sc. Physics, Mashhad University, Mashad, Iran, September 1996



M. Sc. Solid State Physics, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, July 1998.



Ph. D. Solid State Physics, High Temperature Superconductivity, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran, September 2003.

Thesis title:

M. Sc. "Optical properties of diamond like carbon thin films".



Ph. D. "Fabrication and study of the intergranular and weak link behavior of high temperature superconductors".

Research Filed:

Experimental Condensed Mater

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Address : Physics Department , Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan,8415683111,    Iran


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